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Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics

Vision & Goals






Vision & Goals:

 In response to the national trend of an aging society and the great demand for medical devices under the National Health Insurance, the educational mission of our Institute is to cooperate with the government to promote localization of medical devices, facilitate the foundation of domestic medical device manufacturing technology, and then develop new industry in the area of medical devices. With the philosophy of “integration of theory and practice”, we aim to educate the engineering research-and-development professionals that are needed by the national medical mechanical and electrical engineering industry. In the future, our Institute will not only actively recruit outstanding experts to improve the faculty and purchase more educational and research facilities, but also combine the domestic medical mechanical electrical engineering industry and promote cooperative education in medical mechanical electric engineering between academia and industry. In addition, we will follow the trend of the national aging population structure, develop the health concepts technologies, and cultivate research-and-development professionals for a new generation of the brilliant industry of medical devices and health concepts.