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Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics

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About Us :

Our Institute was founded in August 2002. Our full- and part-time faculty members all  have backgrounds in mechanical engineering, mechanical-electric integration automation, medical engineering, biomechanics (biophysics), clinical medicine-based sciences, and so forth. After the founding of our Institute, the Consultation Office, Ministry of Education, requested that we establish a “Medical Mechatronics Education Resource Center (MMERC)” that is unique in Taiwan; and is in charge of integrating nationwide MMERC-related college departments; medical device manufacturers, and hospitals; of establishing industry-academic cooperation; of constructing center-satellite educational system; for developing MM academic programs with teaching aids and materials; for building domain-specified laboratories; for facilitating short-term professional training courses; for organizing national student hands-on competition projects; and various other activities. In addition, our institution also considers the needs for national development of the medical devices industry; and incorporates our university teaching resources with the advantage of the extensive patient source of the Chang Gung alliance to focus our researches on developing intelligent MM systems, improving technical aids and assistive devices, invention of medical photo-electric and micro-mechanical electric engineering technology, studying internet-based medical engineering applications, as well as medical reverse engineering, fast prototype production, computer-aided biomedical system designing and analysis, and so forth.

Prospects :

In order to meet the needs of an aging population and improve the quality of medical care, this graduate institute is purchasing teaching and research equipment and actively recruiting outstanding manpower to fill the ranks of its faculty. We are focusing on the design and development of medical mechatronics equipment, the training of future R&D manpower, and the localization of medical equipment.