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Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics

Education & Research

Research Topics :

§Key areas of research 

  • Medical devices / technical aids / barrier-free environmental control systems for disabled and elderly
  • Medical mechatronics 
  • Medical Robotics / Computer-aided Surgical Navigation System 
  • Medical Reverse Engineering / Rapid Prototyping 
  • Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology 
  • Telemedicine / e-health System 
  • Computer-aided Medical Engineering 
  • Biomechanics 
  • Hearing and Otology 

§Research impacts: domestic and international recognitions 

  • Organize and chair National Medical Mechatronics Education Resource Center (MMERC)
  • Won 3 golden medals in Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition
    (Germany) for three consecutive years (1998~2000)
  • National Innovation Award from Ministry of Eucation, ROC. 

§ International engagements: programs, strategies, major events 

  • Organize and chair Technical Committee (TC) on medical mechatronics in IEEE/ SMC (Systems, Man& Cybemetics) Society
  • Guest Editor, IEEE/SME Journal (special issue on medical mechatronics)
  • Associate Editor, ASME J of Biomechanical Eng 

§ Future plans in these areas of research 

  • Develop a future home for disabled and elderly (equipped with various technical aids / barrier-free environmental control systems)
  • Computer-aided tissue engineering 
  • Design of medical or surgical robotics with servo tracking 
  • Concentrated researches in renewable energy productions and nanomedicne (drug delivery for thrombolysis, anti-angiogenesis, and cancer treatment)


Medical Mechatronics Research Laboratory

      Prof. Ming-Yih Lee;

      Tel: 886-3-2118800 ext. 5340 or 5608;

      Fax: 886-3-2118234;

      e-mail: leemiy@mail.cgu.edu.tw.

Taiouan Interdisciplinary Otolaryngology Laboratory:

    Assistant Prof. Jen-Fang Yu,

    Tel:886-3-2118234 ext 5758, Fax:886-3-2118050,


Biomechanics Laboratory

    Prof. Ching-Lung Tai;

    Tel: 886-3-2118800 ext. 5342 or 3604;

    Fax: 886-3-2118050;

    e-mail: taicl@mail.cgu.edu.tw.

Bio-MEMS Laboratory

     Assistant Prof. Kin Fong

    Tel: +886-03-2118800 ext. 5345

    Email: kflei@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Bio-MEMS Laboratory

    Assistant Prof. Yen-Heng Lin

    Tel: +886-03-2118800 ext. 5789

    Email: yenheng@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Medical Images Laboratory

    Assistant Prof. Yi-Ping Chao

    Tel: +886-03-2118800 ext. 5469